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Do you want to know about how the read-head inside your computer works? The  arrangement of spins in magnetic nanostructures and how they fluctuate? The quantum fluctuations of atoms in single crystals of solid Helium at temperatures near absolute zero? Or the structure and dynamics of lipid molecules in membranes that mimic the walls of living cells? These topics and more are investigated by the Sinha Group, primarily using x-ray and neutron scattering. The focus of our research is the study of the structure and dynamics of condensed matter.

Recent News



  • Former Postdoc Sambhunath Bera is now working as assistant professor at Amity University, Noida, India.(2015/06)
  • Former PhD student Yicong Ma graduated, congratulations!(2015/05)
  • Dr. Rupak Bhattacharya joins us as a Postdoc.(2015/04)
  • Former Postdoc Hongyu Guo is now working at NIST, Maryland.(2015/04)
  • Prof. Sinha awarded the 2015 Roentgen Medal for X-ray Science.(2014/12)
  • Vince Chen graduated and is working as a scientist at Intel Co., Portland.(2014/03)
  • Prof. Sinha recipient 2014 Clifford G. Shull Prize.(2014/02)
  • Dr. Sambhunath Bera Joined the group as a postdoc.(2014/01)
  • Ben Holladay, Yi Yang and Jingjin Song joined the group. (2013/08)

  • Prof. Sinha and Yicong Ma are authors of, "Long-range interlayer alignment of intralayer domains in stacked lipid bilayers" which is featured on the cover for the Nature Material December 2012 edition. 

  • Former postdoc Gang Chen is now a full professor in SINAP.
  • Former postdoc Mrinmay Mukhopadhyay is now an associate professor in Saha Institute of Nuclear Physics. (Jan. 2012)


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